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This page includes some general questions and answers that often come up during a home rental search. 

  • Do you perform background checks?
    Yes. We conduct credit reports checks and backgrounds checks via a third party provider.
  • Do I need to submit an application?
    Yes, all potential renters need to fill out an application. This includes any co-habitants who are 18 years of age and older.
  • What is your rental selection criteria?
    Our policy on resident selection can be found here:
  • Do you allow pets at your properties?
    Yes. In most cases a pet (sometimes more than one) is permitted at the residence. There are fees and rules in the event a pet is considered by management. Please contact the leasing office for specific details.
  • Do you provide short-term leases?
    All of our initial rental agreements are for a minimum of one year (12 months). We do sometimes offer month-to-month lease terms for existing residents.
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